Let’s Focus On What Really Matters In Early Ed

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Important point made by Sara Mead, writing in Education Week:

“All of the evidence I’ve seen suggests that the extent to which pre-k programs focus on content that predicts school readiness, support teachers in understanding and using effective instructional techniques for young children, and utilize developmentally appropriate measures to inform instruction are just as if not more important than the input-driven quality indicators (bachelor’s degrees, class sizes) that pre-k policies typically focus on.

Yet our policy debate and state and federal policies around early childhood tend to focus heavily on the latter set of indicators rather than the former. A smart policy discussion needs to focus much more on how to create the conditions for effective, developmentally appropriate instruction in pre-k classrooms.”

Yes—why aren’t we focusing on what actually goes on in the classroom, and what we know actually helps kids learn? (Read more here.) Hat tip to Dan Willingham . . .

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