Want Higher Reading Scores? Hire a School Librarian

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Having access to a full-time, certified school librarian means better outcomes for public school students according to new research carried out in Pennsylvania, reports the Education Law Center:

“Researchers examined the 2010-11 Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests in Reading and Writing for students in grades three through 11, and tracked outcomes for students based on five school library factors: staffing, collections, digital resources and technology infrastructure, library access, and funding.

They found that students who have access to a full-time, certified librarian scored higher on the PSSA Reading Test than those students who do not have such access. This finding is true for all students, regardless of their socio-economic, racial/ethnic, and/or disability status.

For several student groups that tend to experience achievement gaps—economically disadvantaged, Hispanic, Black, and those with IEPs (Individualized Education Programs)—Reading and Writing results are markedly better when those students attend a school with a librarian and library support staff, according to the research. In fact, they benefit more proportionally than the general student population.” (Read more here.)

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One Response to “Want Higher Reading Scores? Hire a School Librarian”

  1. Reny Gunarsa says:

    Reading and writing is one of the most important life skills that each person has to learn since early age when he/she learns how to read and write. Adults/parents need to introduce reading habit to children as early as they can by starting to give an interesting story when children are going to sleep every day.
    The children who love reading will look for information by any kinds of ways. Library is a suitable and nice place to fulfill that needs. I think schools, universities and society must provide and take actions more seriously. Base information that I’ve read reading and writing make our brain keeps active and healthy.

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