The Latest Issue Of “The Brilliant Report” Is Out!

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I just sent out the latest issue of The Brilliant Report, my email newsletter about the science of learning, to many thousands of subscribers. Were you one of them? If not, and you’d like to be, please sign up by entering your email address in the box to the left.

This month’s feature article: How To Make Anything Interesting. Plus: This month’s most-read articles (from how to use technology to make you smarter to how to identify a “super school”), this month’s most-read blog posts (including why coffeeshops spur creativity and why “learning agility” is a key characteristic of a leader), and a collection of my all-time most popular writing on learning, on subjects like what your dog is thinking and how your brain responds to reading fiction. And—this month’s “Brilliant Quote,” about the key to economic achievement in the information age.

Please give it a read and let me know what you think!—Annie

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One Response to “The Latest Issue Of “The Brilliant Report” Is Out!”

  1. Annie-
    Your piece on “How to Make Anything Interesting” is a nice summary of Csikszentmihalyi’s findings about how to support optimal experience (or, as he calls it, “flow”). The basic ideas you laid out have had a huge impact in game design, and it is certainly about time we started leveraging them in education! The trick is to make sure we maintain the “hard fun” and don’t fall into the trap of accidentally producing “chocolate covered broccoli.” Your readers might be interested in a related post of mine called “Do We Need to Gamify learning or Re-Learnify Gaming?” http://www.nativebrain.com/2012/06/do-we-need-to-gamify-learning-or-re-learnify-gaming/

    Thanks for the provocative piece!

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