Always Wired, Even On The Schoolbus

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Wi-fi—on schoolbuses? The Kansas City Star reports:

“Stepping aboard a school bus will soon be the same as taking a seat in class for some students in the North Kansas City schools. In January, the district began wiring four school buses that are used for longer trips with Wi-Fi access. ‘We are living in a digital age,’ said Eric Sipes, information technology executive director for the district. ‘We are at that point where we have to embrace it.’

The idea to wire the buses with wireless Internet systems was initially proposed several years ago by Lon Waterman, assistant director of transportation. Waterman wanted to recoup instructional time lost to travel. He envisioned the bus as a moving Wi-Fi hotspot.

These are not regular school buses, but rather ones that have been fitted for longer highway trips, like those taken by band members and sports teams. Their first use will be by students who make the 50-minute round trip daily to a career center in Platte County. The district will decide what students can work on as they travel, instead of waiting until they arrive at the career center. One example is a safety test that could be completed online on the bus.

In addition, Waterman plans to provide access to the district’s Internet service (Verizon) to make sure traveling students can call up things like E-Campus Learning or preparation for ACT, SAT or Advanced Placement tests. Or they simply could use the time to do research for assignments.” (Read more here.)

Kids have always done their homework on the bus, I guess. But what happened to having a few minutes to look out the window and collect your thoughts?

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  1. Barbara says:

    I think it is a great idea to have wi-fi on the school buses. Many students wind up on the bus up to an hour or more each day, depending on where they live. This makes it possible for them to do homework rather than misbehaving.

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