The Future Of Education: Resources To Check Out

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Responding to my post “How We’ll Learn In The Year Ahead,” a reader named Arlin wrote:

I really liked your recent blog post, and I’m curious if you have any further reading on the topic. Do you have any examples that bring these trends to life? Who else writes thought-leadership on the topic of the future of education? I’m especially interested in the clash between the traditional ivy gate and the new open possibilities, and how that impacts the business model of a higher ed institution.

All good questions. As a start, I would point Arlin to the following resources:

• The website MindShift (which, full disclosure, I write for). Editor Tina Barseghian has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening right now in education.

• Tom Vander Ark and his website Getting Smart. Tom knows the ins and outs of educational reform and educational technology better than anyone.

• Andrew Rotherham and his columns on Time.com. Andy has a very sharp and often contrarian point of view on how education is changing and should change.

Readers, how about you—do you have resources to recommend? Which people, books and websites guide your thinking about the future of education?

(Update: After a strong reaction from some readers on Twitter, I put up this related post.)

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