In The Brilliant Report: A Study On Giving Effective Feedback

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In this week’s issue of the Brilliant Report, I refer to a study about the most effective way to give feedback. Here’s an abstract of the study—and if you’d like to sign up to receive the Brilliant Report in your email box each week, please sign up in the box to the left.—Annie

“The Power of Feedback”
John Hattie and Helen Timperley
Review of Educational Research, March 2007
Feedback is one of the most powerful influences on learning and achievement, but this impact can be either positive or negative. Its power is frequently mentioned in articles about learning and teaching, but surprisingly few recent studies have systematically investigated its meaning. This article provides a conceptual analysis of feedback and reviews the evidence related to its impact on learning and achievement. This evidence shows that although feedback is among the major influences, the type of feedback and the way it is given can be differentially effective. A model of feedback is then proposed that identifies the particular properties and circumstances that make it effective, and some typically thorny issues are discussed, including the timing of feedback and the effects of positive and negative feedback. Finally, this analysis is used to suggest ways in which feedback can be used to enhance its effectiveness in classrooms.


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