Learning Is Stressful—That’s Why We Need Social Support

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Here’s the weekly “Brillant Quote” from my email newsletter:

“Students need to be both motivated and free from fear in order to learn. They need to have a bit of anxiety about grades to push them along, but not so much that they are frozen with fear. Keeping students in a neuroplastic ‘sweet spot’ of arousal is a core element in the art of teaching. In secure attachment, the child is able to use the parent as a safe haven and avoid experiencing [nervous system] activation in response to stress. A secure classroom allows students to cope with the stress of new learning and to regulate their fear of failure with the support of their teachers and fellow students.”—Louis Cozolino, The Social Neuroscience of Education

I like Cozolino’s ackowledgment that new learning is stressful, and his point that we need the support provided by relationships with others to help us cope with that stress.

Questions to ponder: When you’re learning, who can you rely on to help you deal with the stress it brings? And how can you help your children, students, or employees feel supported when they’re experiencing the stress of new learning?

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One Response to “Learning Is Stressful—That’s Why We Need Social Support”

  1. I do not understand why learning should be stressful.

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