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Brilliant: The Science of Smart

New research can help us all evoke our intelligence

Learning is the master skill, the ability that allows us to realize our ambitions: succeeding in school, getting ahead at work, playing a sport or a musical instrument, speaking a second language. Yet until recently, even the experts didn’t understand how learning works. Now research in cognitive science, psychology and neuroscience is revealing the simple and surprising techniques that can help us learn to be smarter.

img-amp-headshot Annie Murphy Paul is a book author, magazine journalist, consultant and speaker who helps people understand how we learn and how we can do it better. Her latest book, How to Be Brilliant, is forthcoming from Crown.

Contributor to Time.com • CNN.com • Forbes.com • MindShift.com • PsychologyToday.com • HuffingtonPost.com

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Against “Personalized Learning”

A couple of years ago, Benjamin Riley kicked up a fuss with a blog post provocatively titled “Don’t Personalize Learning.” Personalized learning, of course, is a very popular notion; as he slyly noted, it’s “a head-nodder phrase”: “Sprinkle the word into virtually any conversation or speech regarding education, and you’ll typically see at least a handful of heads nodding in
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How Money Worries Make Us Less Intelligent

A few days ago I heard a very interesting segment on NPR, titled “Researchers Find Surprising Results After Testing A New Way To Measure Poverty.” This new approach, NPR reporter Pam Fessler explained, “takes into account the hardship and deprivation faced by an individual or family: How often do they have trouble getting food, paying bills, or getting help for
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Secrets of a Math Master

This morning I had the privilege of watching John Mighton teach math. If you haven’t heard of John and his JUMP program, please do yourself a favor and read this excellent New York Times article, “A Better Way to Teach Math.” I’ll quote briefly from it here: “The experience of some educators in Canada and England, using a curriculum called
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